About Adrian



Adrian is an intuitive, gentle, guiding presence with a lovely laugh and efficient style. She is very comfortable to have in the home. I highly recommend her services ~ she truly works magic! ~ Molly Levin Rouse, Postpartum Doula / New Mother Guide / Private Chef. NurturedMamas.com 

Working with Adrian is so uplifting! ~ Ruth Elliot, Physical Therapist / Practitioner of Holistic Pelvic Care. AshevilleHolisticPT.com

Adrian is fun to work with; she is understanding and non-judgmental. We laughed and had a good time, and yet she was so good at refocusing us and keeping the project moving forward efficiently. ~ Jennifer

It’s rare to come across someone who can help you in such a practical way ~ getting rid of clutter, creating systems, and re-organizing your space, while at the same time supporting your inner growth. Adrian made this project a meaningful, transformational experience in my life rather than simply a practical thing I checked off my list. ~ Jessica Chilton, Coach for Soulful Entrepreneurs who are ready to launch the business they were born to lead. JessicaChiltonSPARK.com


Adrian Carrie Jonas, RN, BSN transforms and designs spaces, systems, and self-care to supercharge the healthy, inspired lives of entrepreneurial moms.

As a Registered Nurse, she understands firsthand the vital impact that daily habits ~ nutrition, exercise, holistic hygiene ~ make in the bigger picture of your health. As a therapeutic hypnotist, she is skilled in holding a safe, meditative space for bringing healing to challenging behaviors and emotions. As a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, she can facilitate new perspectives and greater peace.  As a mother, she understands how nutty home life can be, and how crucial it is when home is a place of deep nourishment.

In addition, she’s a geek about all things related to organization, productivity, and optimizing life. She weaves in ideas and inspiration from other organizing professionals, including her friend Lauren Rosenfeld (co-author of “Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home”) and Marie Kondo (author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”). Plus she incorporates wisdom from the amazing Brian Johnson of Optimize.me ~ the most powerful, groundbreaking, research-supported ideas for improving your energy, clarity, and powerful outcomes in your work.

As a decluttering and organizing facilitator, she brings these areas of expertise together with her playful, grounded spirit to support Mama-preneurs in making way for vitality, magic and clarity in their bodies, homes, and work spaces.

In addition to the women she serves in the Asheville, NC area, Adrian also donates 10% of her net income to fund the entrepreneurial dreams of women in developing countries.

In my own home: 2 hours of sorting toys / art supplies / holiday decorations, finding a bunch of things to consign, and managing to get most of it neatly organized in the available closet. Whew! Note that I did a tiny sitting meditation before I began… and another one laying down later on!