In your home, what are your areas of greatest chaos, clutter, or crazy-making?

Which areas frustrate and stress you out the most?

Whether you’re buying your package now or you want more info and to make sure we’re a good fit for working together, your next step is to schedule your Free Clarity Call.


The VIP Package! Crazy to Calm: Holistic Home Makeover

  • Are multiple areas of your home causing you stress and frustration?
  • Are you excited about having new ease, joy, and peace in your entire home?
  • Do you have crazy-town clutter clogging up the flow of your whole family’s day?
  • Is the chaos weighing you down, even making you sick?


Hodgepodge to Holy Ground: Family Areas Transformation

  • Do you long for more relaxation and leisure in the rhythm of your family?
  • Is there chaos in your technology collection or frustrating clutter in your living room? Are your storage areas a mess?
  • Would you love for you and your family to enjoy reading and playing outside more, if only there were comfortable spaces to do those things?


Dysfunctional to Dynamic: Office Makeover

  • Is the chaos in your closets, drawers, and files making you feel crazy and unprofessional?
  • Is your office dysfunction limiting your capacity to make more money and welcome more clients?


Frumpy to Fabulous: Wardrobe Makeover

  • Do you feel annoyed or overwhelmed each time you open your closet or dresser drawers?
  • Feeling blah about your wardrobe? Are your clothes a mismatch for who you are now?


Frustrating to Fun: Kitchen Transformation

  • In a boring cooking rut or eating too much junk? Had enough of crammed cabinets or awkward work flow?
  • Overwhelmed by the idea of regularly making nourishing food for your family?


Insane to Inviting: Kids’ Playroom & Bedrooms Overhaul

  • Is your home overrun with ignored toys? Would it be amazing if your kids played independently more often?
  • Is getting your kids dressed an overwhelming task, made more so by too many clothes?
  • Do you have hundreds of dollars worth unused kid stuff you could consign, if you only got organized to do it?


Eek to Easeful: Self-Care Transformation

  • Oh, how you wish you just had the space in your home and mind to do what nourishes you, whether that is practicing yoga or meditating or dancing…
  • And all those wonderful habits that haven’t been sticking? Drinking more water, starting the day with a plant-powered smoothie, doing your physical therapy exercises, or something else… how awesome would it be if these were made easy-to-do by simple systems in your home?
  • What about all the chemical-laden self-care products you are unknowingly stressing out your body with? How might you feel better when everything you put onto your super-absorbent skin is cleaner, greener, and better for your hormonal and immune systems?

Or… Choose your own adventure!

  • Buy a package of 2, 4, 6, or 8 sessions and customize the focus of our work to whatever you are most needing right now. For example, you might say “I want four sessions, and I want to focus on the kitchen and office.”
  • You can also earmark some of the sessions for “maintenance” ~ for example, you might say, “I want eight sessions: six to focus on my self-care / wardrobe / family areas, and two to use later to make improvements to the systems we set up.”



The process of clearing clutter, especially when done with gratitude, compassion, and awareness, has the power to positively transform your relationships, your health, and your financial well-being.

Let us begin!