Got Trust? Can’t Let Go of Clutter Without It

Letting go of the distracting clutter in our lives, homes, and workspaces asks us to Trust.

To trust in the newest version of our work in the world, so that we can let go of old papers and marketing materials.

To trust that we will have what we need in the future, in the forms of financial stability or community support, so we can let go of the stuff we never use but hold onto “just in case.”

To trust that we are okay without a protective shield of disorder, so that we can allow the deeply rooted safety — and authentic self expression — that comes with physical spaciousness.

For three minutes today, join me in this Kundalini meditation to strengthen our wings of trust. (Yep, this is another goodie from my “self-care for mommas” archives!)

Don’t Let Limiting Beliefs in Your Workspace Hold You Back

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Any crappy beliefs hidden in your files and drawers?

It can be humbling and overwhelming to realize that our thoughts and beliefs do in fact help to create our present and future realities.

You workspace ideally supports you in being your most aligned, powerful, money-attracting, client-attracting self.

Is it doing that as best as it could? Or are there old, limiting thoughts keeping you from bringing your full, valuable self to the world?

Let’s begin to clean ’em out!