Taking Summer Pics? Prevent Overwhelm!

Before you hit “Upload All,” ASK yourself one or more of these four simple questions, to help you quickly cull those photos.

Keep the best and remove the rest, and your future self will thank you!

(These ideas are primarily from Joshua Becker’s book “Clutterfree with Kids.”)


Going Crazy ’cause Kids Rarely Put Toys Away?

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Getting kids of any age to put their toys away can be a true struggle, so take heart. Kids are living in-the-moment, and often don’t notice clutter ~ even though they function better with calm and order.

As parents, we get to help them learn to put things away, just like we help them learn to brush their teeth and tie their shoes.

In the long run, you are giving them a skill that will serve them well as adults. In the short term, you are gaining some of your sanity back.

Four important ideas in less than four minutes, let’s go!

This is #3 of a 3-part series on kids’ toys:

  1. PURGE: Fewer Toys = More Focus & Creativity — Practical Strategies
  2. ORGANIZE: Four B’s of Toy Organizing
  3. MAINTAIN: Going Crazy ’cause Kids Rarely Put Toys Away?

Are Your Organizing Efforts Stymied By The “Wrong” Kind of WHY?

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I’m sharing a powerful learning from the research of Dr. Michelle Segar, who studies the science of motivation.

If YOU want to be less cluttered and more organized because you want your business to flourish, or your kids to be more organized, or your life to be generally better… these are GREAT reasons… BUT they might not translate into effective action.

So what reasons WILL more likely propel you into positive action? Click play to find out :-).

Thank you to Brian Johnson of optimize.me for introducing me to these ideas and SO many others.

One Powerful Question to Supercharge Your Goals

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Whether you want to supercharge your goal to exercise daily, drink more water, meditate, or anything else, this question will unleash ideas for making your physical environment support you in being your most awesome self. Use this question for New Years resolutions AND goals at any time of year!