Engulfed by Toys Instead of Focusing on Your Important Work?

As an entrepreneurial momma, no doubt you are grateful for the ways that home and work can blend together beautifully ~ but it can also be damn hard to focus productively when you keep stepping on a zillion scattered toys.

(Wait, is that my desk underneath those Legos?)

Bringing flow and organization to your kids’ toys is crucial to maintaining the space, time, and mental clarity to to bring your valuable work to the world.

This is #2 in a 3-part series on kids’ toys:

  1. PURGE: Fewer Toys = More Focus & Creativity — Practical Strategies
  2. ORGANIZE: Four B’s of Toy Organizing
  3. MAINTAIN: Going Crazy ’cause Kids Rarely Put Toys Away?

#1 Cause of Paper Clutter?

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Paper clutter driving you bonkers?

In this 3+ minute video, I’ll share potent wisdom from productivity and organizational consultant Barbara Hemphill. She says that paper continues to be THE top clutter issue in our homes, even though so much of what we do is digital.

What is the #1 cause of paper clutter?

And what are six questions to ask about each document to help you know what to do with it?

Don’t Let Limiting Beliefs in Your Workspace Hold You Back

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Any crappy beliefs hidden in your files and drawers?

It can be humbling and overwhelming to realize that our thoughts and beliefs do in fact help to create our present and future realities.

You workspace ideally supports you in being your most aligned, powerful, money-attracting, client-attracting self.

Is it doing that as best as it could? Or are there old, limiting thoughts keeping you from bringing your full, valuable self to the world?

Let’s begin to clean ’em out!