20 Years of Photos Culled in 1 minute!

Okay, actually it took me 4 hours, but once I got over the initial procrastination and apprehension (Eeek! Scary!), it felt surprisingly fun and exhilarating. And liberating, and healing. (This first video is 1 minute long).

In the second video, I talk about my experience of throwing away SO many photos, and my strategies for approaching this seemingly monumental project. Please be inspired!! And / or invest in my services so you have the support you need :-).

Taking Summer Pics? Prevent Overwhelm!

Before you hit “Upload All,” ASK yourself one or more of these four simple questions, to help you quickly cull those photos.

Keep the best and remove the rest, and your future self will thank you!

(These ideas are primarily from Joshua Becker’s book “Clutterfree with Kids.”)


Got Trust? Can’t Let Go of Clutter Without It

Letting go of the distracting clutter in our lives, homes, and workspaces asks us to Trust.

To trust in the newest version of our work in the world, so that we can let go of old papers and marketing materials.

To trust that we will have what we need in the future, in the forms of financial stability or community support, so we can let go of the stuff we never use but hold onto “just in case.”

To trust that we are okay without a protective shield of disorder, so that we can allow the deeply rooted safety — and authentic self expression — that comes with physical spaciousness.

For three minutes today, join me in this Kundalini meditation to strengthen our wings of trust. (Yep, this is another goodie from my “self-care for mommas” archives!)

Will You Let Guilt Derail Your Decluttering Efforts?

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For those items that drain your energy or cause pain but aaaggghhh, you can’t let ’em go because you feel guilty, here is a simple remedy from soul-declutterer Lauren Rosenfeld.

More Sanity in Your Home… More Creativity & Focus for Your Kids

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Parents, listen up! In this 5 minute video, I’ll share:

  1. WHY you’ll want to trim down the number of kids’ toys in your home (with references to compelling current research),
  2. HOW to do that (2 main ways, which I often help my clients with), and…
  3. STRATEGIES for maintaining your family’s newfound sanity (and your kids’ newfound longer attention span)


This is #1 of a 3-part series on kids’ toys:

  1. PURGE: Fewer Toys = More Focus & Creativity — Practical Strategies
  2. ORGANIZE: Four B’s of Toy Organizing
  3. MAINTAIN: Going Crazy ’cause Kids Rarely Put Toys Away?

For Sustainable Change, Love Comes First

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What’s the first step in a decluttering project?

  1. Sort things into categories
  2. Throw our hands up in despair
  3. Give the clutter and ourselves some love

Though you’ll likely to want to do a or b, I’m suggesting that c is the best way to go.

When we look at our own clutter, so many emotions can arise ~ frustration, exhaustion, even shame.

And though we can certainly move forward into decluttering from those emotions, it is much more sustainable ~ for your energy, for your self-care, for lasting change ~ to begin with love.