On the brink of a photo shoot for rebranding my business (and honoring my 40th birthday!), I was pondering what to wear. I wanted to wear something that expressed my essence, but my closet was uninspiring, overstuffed with humdrum practical outfits. I thought I would need to go out and buy new clothes. Then, in walked Adrian.

She helped me completely transform my closet, my feelings about the clothing in it, and even my approach to getting dressed. As we went through item by item she asked, Does that bring you Joy? A No meant giving it away. A Yes meant that Adrian hung or folded it with care, in a way that made it look exciting to wear once again. If I felt unsure about my Yes or No, I tried it on and Adrian asked me how I felt in it. It soon became clear that when an outfit expresses my Essence and brings me Joy, I want to sing and dance in it!

In the end, I gave away three huge bags of clothing AND I didn’t have to go shopping for my photo shoot. Adrian helped me rediscover the outfits that truy feel like Me. My closet is now a place for me to express my true self and feel joy, not just a practical place of going through the motions of getting dressed. It’s also freshly organized by the Master ~ Adrian that is. It feels so clearly inviting ~ a sacred space for expression.

Investing in time with Adrian ripples into the joy and ease you feel each and every time you get dressed. Going into our closets to get dressed is something we do every day. Why not transform it from ordinary to extraordinary?               

Jessica Chilton