Before Adrian helped me do a complete makeover on my office, I felt overwhelmed by the chaos. I avoided my office closet whenever possible, feeling embarrassed by the degree of dysfunction hiding inside. Though on the surface parts of my office were clean, I knew every drawer and door and file cabinet was stuffed with disorganization that felt like the kryptonite to my entrepreneurial superpowers.

Finally I realized that this behind-the-scenes craziness was slowing down the growth of my business. I needed to have organized functioning systems in place to increase my capacity to welcome in new clients & income.

During my first session with Adrian, she helped me connect with the deeper meaning of this office makeover project – it was for me to no longer hold back and cover up my real power. Knowing the inner significance beneath all the de-cluttering and reorganizing inspired me towards the finish line. In order for me to maximize my gifts and step into my full power as a soulful business coach, I had to create an optimal workspace.

It’s rare to come across someone who can help you in such a practical way ~ getting rid of clutter, creating systems, and re-organizing your space, while at the same time supporting your inner growth. Adrian made this project a meaningful, transformational experience in my life rather than simply a practical thing I checked off my list.

With Adrian’s help, I went through every single inch of my office, letting go of two huge curbside recycling bins of my past business paraphernalia, along with many bags bound for Goodwill. Every object in my office that remains has a purpose for being there. And I have empty drawers and shelves that make me feel spacious and ready for my business to grow. There is nothing hidden and I know where everything goes. Now my office space is inspiring, peaceful, aligned with my clarity, and supportive of my power. I feel the potential this transformation has created for my business. I love it!

To other mom-entrepreneurs, I say: You deserve it. I hope you value yourself and your work enough to see what’s possible with Adrian’s help. It’s so easy to just keep powering on with the to-do list and never tend to the behind-the-scenes, but dysfunction in your workspace bogs everything down. Your office makeover will go 10 times as fast with Adrian’s support.

Don’t let your dysfunctional office space prevent you from stepping into your full power and potential. I firmly believe the world needs our greatest work!

~ Jessica Chilton, Coach for soulful entrepreneurs who are ready to launch the business they were born to lead.

Jessica Chilton