Before working with Adrian, my clothing closet was where I put things I didn’t know what to do with.  Overloaded hangers were smooshed against each other, and the upper shelf and floor were a mishmash of hidden presents, clothes my children had grown out of, extra bedding, and files for my business. It felt chaotic and overwhelming.

I loved the process of going through each category of clothing, finding the items that spark joy, then the ones that I don’t want or need, then the ones that have served their sentimental purpose and are ready for new homes.  I still had the dress I wore when I graduated from my master’s degree program in  2005….and hadn’t worn since! I appreciated having Adrian there to share the stories and memories with, before letting go of the items.

Now, everything has its place. I whittled my wardrobe down so much that I don’t have to switch out my clothing seasonally (something that caused extra stress twice a year)!  I am amazed how the beauty, order, and spaciousness of my new closet has changed the feeling of the whole bedroom. My attention feels less scattered in other parts of my life, and my bedroom has become the sanctuary that I have wanted it to be for years.

Simplifying my environment and clothing options has helped my focus, and has brought peace and ease into my family life, work life, and relationship with myself. I honestly can’t believe the effects in every part of my life.

Adrian is an intuitive, gentle, guiding presence with a lovely laugh and efficient style. She is very comfortable to have in the home. I highly recommend her services ~ she truly works magic!

Molly Rouse